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Tubac Golf Resort's Independence Day Extravaganza w/ Fireworks

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

Make a day of it in Tubac, Arizona at an old fashioned Independence Day celebration on July 4, 2012.  The festivities begin at 10 a.m. at the Presidio State Historic Park, with free games for the kids, free hot dogs and nachos, watermelon, a dunk tank and a “squirt down” by the Tubac Fire Department. Free park admission is offered until noon. Regular park admission fees of $2-$5 apply after noon. 

At 4 p.m. head over to the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa for the annual Independence Day Extravaganza w/ Fireworks.  Fun family activities include face painting, entertainment and, of course, the main attraction are the fireworks that begin at 8:45 p.m. 

Admission is free and parking is $7 per car.  Or you can buy a VIP ticket for $48 that includes dinner, cash bar, VIP parking and front row seats at the fireworks.  Call 520-398-2211 to make your VIP reservations. 


Interesting Lives Of My Clients--Author Robert Bonville Green Valley, AZ

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

One of the many aspects that I love about Real Estate is the interesting people I have the pleasure of meeting throughout Green Valley, Arizona.  Most recently, a listing appointment in Quail Creek turned into a very engaging conversation with a newly published author, Robert Bonville.

Bob has published a historical fiction novel that is a power packed and entertaining spiritual adventure steeped in historical factVoyages of Malolo: "The Secret of the Rongo"

According to the author, "the tale is fiction, but it is based on archeological and anthropological evidence and  widely accepted theory.   “It is an epic adventure that speaks to the will of ancient man to discover, learn and survive in the face of the harshest of conditions. ”

For thousands of years before documented history chronicled the achievements of the great Asian and European seafaring explorers, the world's largest geographical attribute, the Pacific Ocean, was being navigated, explored, and colonized by the intrepid and heroic peoples of the South Seas. For millennia, their migrations eastward and northward from their origins in Asia, allowed them to discover and populate most of the 20,000 islands considered to be one of the last and final frontiers of habitable earth. For reasons of famine, religion, overpopulation, war or just the overwhelming human desire for exploration, these passionate and resourceful people set out on perilous voyages in wooden canoes to find new homes and better lives.

During this period in Polynesian history, countless adventures, myths and legends of tragedy, conquest, cataclysmic natural disasters and exploration were told and retold through oral tradition by the memory keepers down through the generations. In approximately 1000 AD, one such story details the spiritually guided unparalleled epic voyages of a double hulled deep sea sailing canoe and its crew of sixteen courageous loyal men.

Led by a young western Polynesian mariner/warrior who is inspired by his discovery of a piece of driftwood, a wooden tablet containing undecipherable but somewhat recognizable hieroglyphic script known to these primitive people as "Rongo." In order to seek out and discover the meaning of the Rongo, the gods directed the creation of a great seagoing canoe appropriately named "Malolo", (the Flying Fish). Built with great care and quality by expert craftsmen and artisans, this beautiful sleek craft was special in every way, built to withstand everything known and unknown that it could ultimately experience once it began its journey. With a crew of skilled, handpicked loyal men they set sail eastward on their momentous quest which takes them completely across the South Pacific to the seemingly endless land mass of South America then northward guided by their myths, legends and visions of those they encounter along the way.

Their heroic adventures including their escape from sacrifice island, their survival of a Tsunami, the revenge of Pele (the fire goddess) and others, describe in historically based detail the wonders, experiences, tragedies, triumphs and discoveries by the men of Malolo during every phase of their voyage including their long and arduous time at sea. For this intrepid crew of ancient mariners the questions remain; will they ever discover the hidden meaning of the wooden tablet according to the will of their gods, will their journey return them once again to their tiny Western Pacific island, and will their epic adventure be worth all their suffering and loss?

Find out for yourself.  Click here if you are ready to lose yourself in this historical epic adventure and learn the secret of the Rongo. 



Green Valley AZ May 2012 Real Estate Statistics

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

Green Valley's Newest Community--Solterra By Fairfield & Dorn Homes

The Green Valley, Arizona Real Estate market made a strong showing in the month of May with 110 sales as compared to 67 sales in May 2011. Clearly, the market is outperforming last year at least in terms of number of homes sold, with YTD sales at 501 as compared to 436 in 2011.  However, the average selling price continues to lag behind 2011 as shown in the graphs below: 


JANUARY 2012 $161,976
FEBRUARY 2012 $161,220
MARCH 2012 $153,228
APRIL 2012 $152,399
MAY 2012 $153,716
JUNE 2012  
JULY 2012  
AUGUST 2012  
OCTOBER 2012  



JANUARY 2011     $163,012
FEBRUARY 2011 $165,364
MARCH 2011 $161,798
APRIL 2011 $163,198
MAY 2011 $163,814
JUNE 2011 $165,340
JULY 2011 $162,542
AUGUST 2011 $160,017
SEPTEMBER 2011 $158,840
OCTOBER 2011 $157,624
NOVEMBER 2011 $157,021
DECEMBER 2011 $156,797

The breakdown for the active residential listings as of May 31, 2012 were as follows:

Green Valley

(includes Quail Creek & surrounding subdivisions)



(includes subdivisions N of Duval Mine Road & Duval Mine Rd.


AREAS S & SE & SW OF Green Valley

(includes Elephant Head, Amado, Aravaca, Montana Vista & Lakewood)



(includes Vail, Curley, Horn Ranch, Ocotillo Ranch, etc)




RIO RICO     7

110 homes were sold in May 2012 as compared to 119 in April 2012.  The breakdown, by area, for those sales were as follows:

GREEN VALLEY                                                  88



TUBAC     3

Following is the 2011 to 2012 year-to-date comparison for the time period of January1 through May 31:

  2011 2012
Houses Sold 436  501
Days On Market 179 183
Average Selling Price $163,814 $153,716
Median Price $147,000 $135,000


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