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Green Valley Arizona's 2010-2011 Performing Arts Schedule

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

´╗┐The Community Performing Arts Center, located in Green Valley, Arizona, offers a first class entertainment venue.  Owned by Pima County it is operated by the Community Performing Arts Center Foundation

A magnificent, comfortable setting, a knowledgeable staff and superb entertainment create the gratifying experience that audiences and performers enjoy when they visit the “Jewel of the Desert” at the Community Performing Arts Center.

Don't miss out on the superb entertainment line-up for the 2010-2010 Performing Arts season.  Purchase your season tickets by Friday, August 20, 2010 and receive a complimentary VIP package.

Green Valley, Arizona's Performing Arts Center is just one of countless reasons  people love calling Green Valley home.  Interested in finding out more about this one of a kind active retirement community?   Give me a call today at 520-241-7780 or search Green Valley Arizona homes for sale

Ten Lightning Safety Tips

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

OK, I'll admit it--I am a sucker for a full blown, all out electrical light show...I could sit and watch the spectacular lightning displays for hours on end.  Did you know that Arizona has more lightning than any other western state?

Unfortunately most people greatly underestimate the probability of being hit by a lightning strike.   Sadly, that was brought home on July 13, 2010 for an unlucky golfer in Tucson, AZ who was on the driving range during an intense Monsoon thunderstorm when he was struck and killed. 

A single stroke of lightning has 125,000,000 volts of electricity.  That's enough power to light a 100-watt light bulb for more than 3 months! 

Here are 10 safety tips to follow when you see lightning:

  1. When you hear the roar of thunder go indoors!  The National Weather Service (NWS) recommends "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors." By counting the seconds between the flash and the thunder and dividing it by 5, you can estimate your distance from the strike.  In the past the NWS recommended the 30-30 rule: if less than 30 seconds pass between the time you see a flash of light and hear the first roll of thunder, immediately seek shelter in the nearest building. However, they now state that the safest course of action is to go indoors as soon as you hear thunder.

  2. Stay away from ANYTHING that conducts electricity.  This includes metal pipes, phones, fireplaces, radiators and sinks.  There are three main ways lightning enters homes and buildings: a direct strike, through wires or pipes that extend outside the structure and into the ground. Regardless of the method of entrance, once in a structure, lightning can travel through electrical lines, phone, plumbing, and radio or television reception systems. Lightning can also travel through any metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring.

    Avoid washers and dryers, since they not only have contacts with the plumbing and electrical systems but also contain an electrical path to the outside through the dryer vent.  Avoid contact with electrical equipment or cords. If you plan to unplug any electronic equipment, do so in advance of the storm's arrival.  Avoid contact with plumbing fixtures.  Do not: wash your hands; take a shower; wash dishes; or do the laundry.  

  3. Don’t use any plug-in electrical appliances like hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, or electric razors. If lightning strikes your house they can act as an electrical conduit bringing the charge to you.  

  4. Don’t use the telephone during the storm.  Phone use is the leading cause of indoor lightning injuries in the United States. Lightning can travel long distances in both phone and electrical wires, particularly in rural areas.

  5. Stay in your automobile if you are traveling. Your automobile provides excellent protection in a lightning storm but be sure to keep your hands away from the metal sides. 

  6. Don’t use metal objects outside.  Golf clubs, golfing shoes with metal cleats and fishing rods all made excellent lightning rods.  Keep in mind that an umbrella can increase your chances of being struck if it makes you the largest object in the area.  

  7. Get out of the water. Water is a great conductor of electricity so stay away from and out of swimming pools, ponds, rivers and other bodies of water. 

  8. If you are caught outdoors, seek immediate shelter from lightning! While your best bet when you hear the roar of thunder is to go indoors that isn't always possible.  If you aren't near a building, find protection in a canyon (provided it isn't full of water!), cave or ditch.  Stay away from tall trees as they attract lightning. 

  9. If you can’t find shelter, assume the "Lightning Position".  If you are outside and unable to find shelter or a metal topped vehicle then your best course of action is to assume the "lightning position": crouch down like a baseball catcher on the balls of your feet with your feet together in the lowest spot you can find.  Place your hands on your knees with your head between them, cover your ears and close your eyes.  The goal is to make yourself as small as you can with as little contact with the ground as possible. If you are surrounded by trees, find an open area, making every effort to stay twice as far away from the trees as the trees are high before assuming the "lightning position". 

  10. When your hair stands on end...  If you feel your skin tingle or your hair stands on end — lightning may be about to strike you. Drop to the ground immediately and assume the lightning position. 

Learn more about what causes lightning and other lightning facts.

San Xavier Mission

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

The Spirit of Arizona Blog Series:       San Xavier Mission

The majestic "White Dove of the Desert" rises like a vision from the desert floor seemingly out of place and yet, oddly at home with its sparse surroundings.  The San Xavier Mission, which has been compared to the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, is known as one of the finest examples of Spanish colonial architecture. 

Filled with the glory of the 18th Century it is bursting with color, and you can't help but feel the passion of its creators from the moment you step inside this Southern Arizona treasure.

A National Historic Landmark, San Xavier Mission was founded as a Catholic mission by Father Eusebio Kino in 1692.  Construction of the current church began in 1783 and was completed in 1797.   It is the oldest intact European structure in Arizona and is filled with marvelous original statuary and mural paintings. 

Stories about the mission have become part of the Southern Arizona folklore and are passed on to visitors from around the world.  Most remarkable perhaps is that it is the site of one recorded "miraculous" event involving the death of a Franciscan, Father Ignacio, who arrived at the mission in June 1802. 

Father Ignacio wrote of the power of nature, the great storms that rumbled across the desert.  "What noises. What thunder. What wind.  It appears that these elements wish lift us and the house up to the stars."  Sadly he was struck with a fever 3 years after his arrival and was dead within a few weeks time.  For hours after his death, his body continued sweating and omitting, it was said, a sweet odor.  Many people came from Tucson to witness the "miracle". 

While modern speculation suggests otherwise, this miracle resides in the hearts of the believers and is one of the countless reasons so many are drawn to this special place.  An estimated 200,000 to 300,000 people visit the church yearly. What many tourists may not realize is that this is an active Catholic church, a parish church of the Tohono O'odham. 

In the 1990s an extensive and painstaking preservation project was launched to make this desert jewel shine again. 

The bright, colorful interiors are once again a joy to behold.  One of the best videos I could find on You Tube that shows the intricate and striking beauty of this Arizona treasure is this one created by Mr Camera Guy 5 in May of 2010.

         JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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The Spirit Of Arizona

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

I was born and raised in California and for the first 50 years of my life called it home.  Never dreaming that a land just one state away would capture my heart with its range of places, people, and things to see and do as vast as the Grand Canyon. 

In 1993, when my two sons were 9 and 11, we, and my youngest brother, embarked on a journey that began at the Arizona/Mexico border and continued across the entire state of Arizona.  We made several stops along the way, including the Painted Desert, Sedona and a memorable train ride to the Grand Canyon where my sons' eyes became as round as saucers when 3 masked men brought it to a rather unexpected and thoroughly entertaining stop. 

It was truly amazing to experience the diversity of Arizona with the convertible top down, ranging  from the arid desert to the unfathomable Grand Canyon, to the remarkable rock formations in Sedona, to the lush, and snow covered peaks in Flagstaff.  And, of course, the blazing Southwest sunsets that splash gorgeous shades of orange and red across the endless bright blue skies.  Not to mention, the fierce Monsoon storms that come seemingly out of nowhere--like the one that caught us with the top down just North of Sedona.  

That trip was one that I treasure to this day, and which, unknown to me, planted a seed that grew into a burning desire to make Arizona my home.  Funny about the twists and turns of life, I always imagined it would be in Sedona. Never once thinking that I would one day be living in the mountaintop home of my dreams, on a magnificent 4 acre lot with 360-degree views nestled in the Tumaccori foothills of the quaint artistic community of Tubac, Arizona.  Let alone with a successful real estate business in Green Valley, AZ.  

On a regular basis I have the pleasure of working with clients who are thinking about moving from another state to the Green Valley, AZ area.  Each time I am reminded of that fateful trip, realizing that there is so much more than simply buying a home that ultimately draws a person to a particular area.

Knowing this has inspired me to begin a blog series entitled "The Spirit of Arizona" in an effort to share the rich history, stunning beauty, diverse activities, and the range of people and things to see and do in this unique state that I love.  While in no way am I am expert on Arizona, the perspective I will bring is from a person who fell hard for the magical spirit of this great state. 

There is definitely something about this area that spoke to the deepest regions of me.  I can't say for sure whether it was the wide open spaces, lush desert (an oxymoron you may think, but have you experienced how one big Monsoon storm can change arid to green overnight?) magnificent mountain ranges, stunning views, vast blue skies, clean air, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, starry nights or seeing the milky way for the first time in as long as I can remember or the healing power of the Southwest sun filled days.   It called to me and I have never looked back since making the move 5 years ago. 

I will continue to write my Real Estate focused blogs as well but am looking forward to exploring and learning more about this great state, and sharing those insights with you.  I want this to be an interactive series so please feel free to comment or share your thoughts about a particular item you would like to see covered. 

To encourage your comments on this Blog, I am giving away a free copy of one of my favorite books about Arizona, "Weird Arizona: Your Travel Guild to Arizona's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets".  To be eligible you will need to leave a comment about the blog--a winner will be drawn from all of the comments submitted. 

         JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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Home Buying Checklist

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

You've decided you want to take advantage of the great deals that are out there in the Green Valley AZ real estate market.  Here's a handy checklist for you to use as you embark on your home buying adventure:

  • First, figure out how much you can afford and the amount of your down payment.  Most lenders want a minimum of 20% down but there are definitely exceptions for those of you with a stellar credit rating.  

  • If you are planning to finance your new home, get preapproved for a mortgage.  Bring that preapproval with you when you meet with your real estate agent. 

  • Take some time to figure out what you want and need in a home.  Your checklist of desired features should include, # of bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and whether you need a den.  How important is the age of the home to you?  Do you want a single family home or do you prefer a townhome?  Is a view important?  The more you can visualize the home of your dreams in concrete terms, the easier your search will be. In todays' highly technological age you can peruse many websites to get a feel for the type of home that appeals most to you.  Once you've nailed down what you want, sign up for an automated search that will deliver home listings that fit YOUR criteria to your email inbox. 

  • Work with a Realtor who knows the market.  Knowledge of a community and its various neighborhoods is key to finding the right home.  Experience and chemistry are important as well as finding an agent with the advanced training and expertise to skillfully guide you through the home buying process.   What do your agent's past clients have to say about him or her?

  • Once you have narrowed down your search to "the one" then be sure to study the comprehensive market analysis that your agent will provide on that home's neighborhood.  Make sure you understand the comps and where the market is headed before making your offer.  

  • Let the negotiations begin--make your offer and be sure to include any special contingencies that are not spelled out in the contract.  Once both parties agree to the terms then sign the Purchase Contract.

  • Your real estate agent will make sure that all the timelines outlined in the Purchase Agreement are followed such as the number of days you have to get your inspections completed.  At a minimum, be sure to have home and termite (especially in Arizona!) inspections done.  Your home inspector should be able to determine whether you will need more specific inspections for other areas like the roof and HVAC system.

  • If you are financing the property your Lender will require an appraisal. You may want to consider having an appraisal done even if you are paying cash for the property--and use it to renegotiate the price if necessary. 

  • Don't forget to choose a home insurance company.  Work closely with your Lender to ensure everything is completed prior to the contract mandated close date. 

  • Do a final walk through before closing.

  • Begin enjoying your new home!

5 Real Estate Selling Tips To WOW Buyers

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

It is no secret that a well staged home will usually sell faster and for more money than one that hasn't been staged.  However, staging your home doesn't have to require a hefty investment.  In fact, your best resource could be your agent since they know what sells homes and what turns Buyers away. 

That's why I always do a walkthtrough with my Sellers to show them things that I think should be changed to make their home more Buyer friendly and offer tips that will give it the Buyer WOW factor.  I've learned it is a fine line I walk when doing this with my Sellers--many don't understand why a Buyer won't love their home as much as they do.  

Simply put, they won't.  They want a home that has been depersonalized to the extent that they can envision themselves in the space.  Not an easy task when we live our lives surrounded by the things we love.

Keep in mind that Buyers will decide within minutes of clearing the front door whether your house is the one for them.  This means you don't have much time to impress a Buyer.  I can usually tell within seconds of bringing a Buyer into a house whether it will be "the one".  

While there are many factors that you can't change about your home in order to please a Buyer--for instance the neighborhood, the floor plan or your view--there are others that you can and should focus on improving.  Let's say there is a Buyer that wants only your neighborhood, your floor plan and the view is perfect.  In this highly competitive market, most likely yours isn't the only that fits their criteria.   So, how do you make yours stand out from the competition and WOW that Buyer?

Here are 5 tips that will definitely push your home to the top of a Buyers' list:

  • I love the song "Accentuate The Positive", and that's exactly what you must do when selling.  Think back to when you bought your house--what was the one big WOW factor that pushed you to buy that particular one?   Perhaps it was the view.  If that's the case then make sure your windows are clean as can be so the Buyer will fall in love with your view.  The lyrics of the song also say to "eliminate the negative".  Put on your Buyers hat and take a critical look at your house--is there something that jumps out at you that needs to be fixed, painted, cleaned or replaced?  Do it before Buyers see your home.

  • We experience our world through our 5 senses and Buyers do the same when touring your home, especially in the areas of sight, smell, and hearing.  It is nearly impossible for a Seller to know what their home smells like to an outsider.  So ask your agent, or someone you trust to let you know.  The worst thing you can do is go out and buy heavy air fresheners--Buyers will think you are covering up something unpleasant or you may trigger an allergic reaction...either way you've turned off the Buyer.  I recommend a light vanilla scent if you decide you need an air freshener.  Cooking smells linger so if you've had fish for dinner and there is a showing the next day, open the windows and air out your house.  If traffic noise is a problem, buy a water fountain..the sound of water is always preferable to the sound of cars and, as an added benefit, it has an harmonizing effect on a home.

  • Let the light shine in.  Light sells, which is why when you walk into a model home all of the lights are on and the blinds are open.  People feel better in a light environment than in a dark one.  I can't tell you how many times I have had Buyers tell me that they like a house because it is filled with light.  I know it is tempting on a hot Arizona day to want to close the blinds to make the house cooler...don't do it if there is a chance it is going to be shown.  Plus, many agents won't take the time to open blinds and turn on lights when showing a house, especially if it isn't their listing.  So keep this in mind when your house is on the market--it should always be ready to be shown at a moment's notice and you want it to be shown in the best possible light conditions.
  • Clutter eats equity and space sells.  This should be your mantra when putting your house on the market.  Do yourself a favor and start packing--it will help you to begin to release your house emotionally and will allow Buyers to feel themselves in your space.  Box up all those extras that are on the mantel, tables and counters.  If necessary, remove excess furniture and take out all those pictures of your children and grandchildren.  When selling, you must make your house a blank slate that is ready for a Buyer to make it their own.

  • Make your house as clean as can be.  Nothing shows better than a sparkling and clean smelling house.  Do a deep cleaning...this means drawers, cabinets, closets, windows--every square inch of your home.  Use this opportunity to get rid of things you haven't used in the past year, box up items that you don't need currently, and clear out enough space for Buyers to be able to imagine their own belongings in your house.  Taking the time to go through every part of your house will pay dividends especially if you repair, touch-up, and/or paint the areas that need attention.  Don't forget about the outside of your home.  Did you know that most Buyers will first do a "drive-by" when deciding whether to take a look at the inside of your home?  That's why curb appeal is so important when your house is on the market.

Are you thinking about selling your Green Valley, AZ home?  Begin with a free, no obligation comparative market analysis.  Or give me a call at 520-241-7780.

Your first and most important question to every agent you interview to list your home should be: "how will you leverage today's technology to sell my home?"  Find out if they have the advanced skills  necessary to market in today's digital age--including Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and ePRO designations.  Check out their website--does it invite you to spend time on it or turn you off?

I would love to show you the power of my proven marketing plan that heavily focuses on leveraging today's digital age to successfully sell homes.

         JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Your Home

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

Did you know that most Buyers will first do a "drive-by" when deciding whether to take a look at the inside of your home?  That's why curb appeal is so important when your house is on the market. 

What is the outside of your home saying to Buyers?

Keep in mind, that Buyers don't just look at the front of the house, but where possible, they will try to see the backyard as well.  So be sure to focus your attention on both areas.

A few simple changes can make the difference between a Buyer crossing your house off their list sight unseen to the Buyer crossing your threshold.   Here is a list of areas that you should focus on when making your outside areas attractive to Buyers:

  • It should go without saying, but make sure the outside of your house is clean; if needed, power wash your sidewalks, driveway, pathways, courtyard walls and the exterior of your home.
  • Weed your front and back yards as well as trim bushes and trees.  An unkempt yard signals to the Buyer that the inside may not have been maintained.  
  • If your yard has been overplanted then remove the excess.  Much like a cluttered house, an overplanted yard can be an instant Buyer turn off. 
  • Remember, most Buyers do not want to spend countless hours working in the yard so make it appear easy care. 
  • Repair the irrigation system and leaky bibs. 
  • Add some color to your landscaping.  A few bright bedding plants can change a dreary yard into one that is inviting to Buyers.
  • How's the paint?  Cracked and peeling paint will turn Buyers off at the curb.  Repair cracked stucco, touch up problem areas, or, if necessary, paint the outside.  Believe me, this investment will pay dividends in helping to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.  
  • Don't forget about the front door--is it one that invites Buyers to come in?  Make sure it is clean and that the stain or paint looks fresh.  Buyers love glass insert doors so if your budget allows consider replacing yours or the hardware to give it an up-to-date look.  

Are you thinking about selling your Green Valley, AZ home?  Begin with a free, no obligation comparative market analysis.  Or give me a call at 520-241-7780.

Your first and most important question to every agent you interview to list your home should be: "how will you leverage today's technology to sell my home?"  Find out if they have the advanced skills  necessary to market in today's digital age--including Certified Resdential Specialist (CRS) and ePRO designations.  Check out their website--does it invite you to spend time on it or turn you off?

I would love to show you the power of my proven marketing plan that heavily focuses on leveraging today's digital age to successfully sell homes. 

Is Your House Listing Turning Buyers On or OFF?

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

Is Your House Listing Turning Buyers Off or On?Recently I had the good fortune to work with a higher-end and well-educated Buyer.  It turned out to be quite an enlightening process and that experience is the inspiration for this blog. 

My first "introduction" to this Buyer was via an email they sent to me after viewing my profile on  We worked together for about 3 months before I met them in person to show them homes.  Within 4 hours we were sitting down to write an offer on a $425,000 home.  By that evening they were under contract.  This alone should convince even those of you who are still on the fence about the power of the Internet in the real estate process. 

What I learned during that 3 month period of "showing" them homes on the Internet was invaluable.  Sellers, pay attention!  By the time they arrived in Green Valley they had essentially narrowed their list down to a handful of homes based on the quality of how those homes had been marketed on the Internet. 

My Buyer began his search process by signing up for the free automated search feature on my website, which provides homes that fit the Buyers specific critera to your email inbox daily.  It allows Buyers to be the first to know about new listings in the greater Green Valley AZ real estate market area that meet the criteria that they provide.  Selling in today's highly digital world means that you must tailor the marketing of your home to the way Buyers are buying homes -- about 85% of them are beginning their search on the Internet. 

So if you, as a Seller, are still focused on how many times your listing is featured in the local newspaper then you have missed the boat that sailed ages ago.  Today, you need to be concerned about how visible your listing is on the major public real estate sites.  While there are many, focus on the top 3:,, and

Give your listing about 3 to 5 days from the time it is entered into the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) systems as it can take several days for it to make its way into the major public sites.  At a minimum, go out to each of the sites I listed above, enter Green Valley, AZ into the search area and then look carefully.  Is your agent visible in the search?  Can you find the house you are selling?

Once you find your listing on these sites, then take a critical look at it as though you are a Buyer.  Ask yourself, if you were shopping on the Internet for your perfect home in Green Valley, AZ--would your listing make your "must see" list based on the way it is marketing on these sites? 

Back to my Buyer story.  Although there were more than 35 homes in the Canoa Ranch, Canoa Northwest areas in Green Valley, AZ only 5 made the "must see"  Same with Quail Creek--only 3 to 5 made the list.  Why such a small percentage?

The answer is simple--Buyers are attracted to listings that have MANY high quality photos.  Green Valley's MLS allows 25 photos per listing--if yours only has 3 to 5 not so great photos, even if it is a better deal than the others in the neighborhood, it may never make the Buyers' "homes to see" list.  While the MLS allows 25 photos, most of the public sites allow considerably more. 

Remember, as bad as not doing enough is overdoing it.  Potential Buyers want to be able to click on your listing and quickly ascertain if it is of enough interest to add it to their favorites. They don't want to wade through too many photos--especially ones that add nothing to their decision making process.

You want there to be just enough photos to give Buyers' the opportunity to truly experience your home before they ever step inside.  Back to my Buyers, there were 3 homes, (including the one they bought!) that didn't make their list simply because the online marketing turned them off.   I added them to their list because I knew all 3 fit their specific criteria.  

When selling your home, keep in mind that Buyers love virtual tours.  Once again, the quality and content of the phots can make or break the tour.

While less important, a well written description of the house you are selling can help to convince Buyers that yours is worth seeing.  But many more Buyers than not, are only going to look at the pictures and virtual tour so those are, by far, most important. 

Understanding the power of today's technology can result in your being viewed by thousands upon thousands of Buyers versus a hanful from a marketing plan that isn't heavily Internet focused.

Your first and most important question to every agent you interview to list your home should be: "how will you leverage today's technology to sell my home?"  Find out if they have the advanced skills  necessary to market in today's digital age--including Certified Resdential Specialist (CRS) and ePRO designations.  Check out their website--does it invite you to spend time on it or turn you off? 

After you hire them, you should continue to make sure your agent is delivering what they promised--which, at a minimum, must be high quailty exposure for your house to the 85% plus Buyers who are are searching for their home on the Internet.

Are you thinking about selling?  Begin with a free, no obligation comparative market analysis.  Or give me a call at 520-241-7780.  I would love to show you the power of my proven marketing plan that heavily focuses on leveraging today's digital age to successfully sell homes.  

On Becoming A "Nana"

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

It seems we get so caught up in the business of Real Estate, and ways to grow that business that we forget to stop and share those personal celebrations that make us who we are at our most essential level.  It is those celebrations, both life changing and small, and, yes, sorrows, that shape us and make us who we are in both our business and personal lives. 

Well, I have a new man in my life--as I am fond of telling people, he doesn't have much hair, isn't very tall, and is a bit on the chunky side.  He recently figured out how to smile and boy, oh boy, does it ever light up the room!  I have yet to see it in person but in a few days time I will be out in Southern CA for my second visit with him.  I can't wait!Kai Jeffrey Monday

Kai Jeffrey Monday was born on 4/5/2010 at 12:07 pm, to Jeffrey and Tiffany Monday.  He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs., 7 oz and measured 22.5" long. 

His Dad, my oldest son, Jeffrey Monday, is about 6'3", so I think Kai is going to be following in his very tall footsteps.   Kai has his gorgeous Mom's beautiful blue eyes and is already quite the ladies' man!

If any of you out there who follow my blog want to stay abreast of what's going on with this little show stopper, he has his very own

Entering this new chapter of my life, titled "Nana", has been incredibly joyful.  Up until I held that little (OK, not so little) bundle of joy I had no idea that he would steal my heart in a way that hasn't happened since I gave birth to my two sons.

Equally amazing has been watching my oldest son step into the role of "Dad".  He has done so without skipping a beat, but I do have to laugh when he tells me that the little ruler of the roost isn't sticking to a "schedule" though Jeffrey, who arrived 3 months early, ever once was on a schedule! 

Jeffrey and Tiffany have embraced parenthood in the same way they have done with their extremely successful lives...with a passion to be the best parents in the world, a desire to show this little guy that all things are possible, and with an unconditional love for the darling spirit they have brought into the world. 

It was the email I recieved from them today that finally prompted me to write this long overdue post.  I suppose I waited because it seemed so personal...forgetting there is little that is more personal than helping someone find the home of their dreams or in selling their biggest investment--their home.  While we are working together you let me inside your lives, and, I am pleased to say for many of you, it is a relationship that continues far beyond the sale or purchase of your home.

My son's email message today took me back to those sleepless nights and endless diaper changes that are the hallmark of new parenthood.  They've come up with an inventive way to escape, if only for 5 sleep filled days, by entering a contest for a trip to Dubai.  

For the first part of the contest they need a total of 5,138 votes for the very funny video they've created.  It will remind all parents out there about the uncharted territory of becoming first time parents.  Click here to view the video. 


If you enjoy the video as much as I did, I hope you will consider passing it along to your family and friends. 

How can you possibly resist helping the two sleep deprived parents who gave birth to a guy with a smile that lights up the world? 




Green Valley, AZ June 2010 Real Estate Statistics

by Judi Monday, Your Green Valley AZ Expert

Typical for this time of the year, the weather hit the century mark plus and the number of sales cooled down, dropping from 84 in May to 55 in June.  On a year to year comparison, sales remained relatively stable in the month of June, with 55 closed transactions as compared to 57 in June of 2009.   The average sales price continues to trail last year at $165,334 YTD in 2010 as compared to $185,243 YTD in 2009.  The good news is that the average YTD selling price increased from $162,135 in May to $165,334.  This means that for the 3rd straight month the average selling price has remained stable and this month it even showed a slight increase. 

The number of active listings remained stable at 794 in June.  Also encouraging is that the average list price, which was $248,779 in May, remained stable at $248,810 in June.  Far too early to say we are finally stabilizing but there are a few encouraging signs that suggest we may be close. 

The breakdown for the active residential listings as of June 30, 2010 were as follows:

Green Valley

(includes Quail Creek & surrounding subdivisions)



(includes subdivisions N of Duval Mine Road & Duval Mine Rd.



(includes Elephant Head, Amado, Aravaca, Montana Vista & Lakewood)



(includes Vail, Curley, Horn Ranch, Ocotillo Ranch, etc)




TUCSON     1


(includes Nogales, etc)


There were 55 homes sold in June 2010, down from 84 in May. The breakdown by area for those sales were as follows:

GREEN VALLEY                                                45

Following is the 2009 to 2010 year-to-date comparison for the time period of January 1 through June 30, 2010:

  2009 2010
Houses Sold 416 496
Days On Market 164 172
Average Selling Price $185,583 $165,334
Median Price $161,700 $150,000

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