There is a magical place in the heart of Green Valley that I recently discovered during a listing appointment.  The thing is, I had driven by it countless times while traveling up and down Camino Encanto and while I had noticed the sign "Arid Garden", I never gave it a second thought.  During the listing appointment, as the Seller was pointing out the features of their home, they proudly mentioned that in their backyard was a gate that opened to the Arid Garden. 

Eager to show me, we stepped through the gate and I was transported into a place of rare beauty with lush landscaping lining the winding paths full of plantings of every size, shape and color.  It filled me with a feeling of peace and wonder that something so beautiful could exist in an otherwise dry desert area. 

Curious to know more about how this place of wonderment came to be, I learned that it is one of the major projects of The Green Valley Gardeners, a service club comprised of almost 150 gardeners.  The mission of this green thumb club is to "promote gardening education and related environmental issues to its membership and the gardening public through educational and charitable means". 

This slice of paradise, located in Desert Hills just off Camino Encanto in the heart of Green Valley, is a 1-acre demonstration garden that is free and open to the public from dawn to dusk.  I have returned often since discovering this Green Valley gem and each time I see something new as I wind my way through the over 600 plants, shrubs and trees. 

The Green Valley Gardeners certainly achieved the mission of the Arid Garden, which is "to maintain a peaceful and welcoming garden demonstrating the use of native and low water plantings for the education and enjoyment of all area residents."   Next time you find yourself on Camino Encanto, I hope you will take some time out of your busy day to stop and smell the flowers.  

                 JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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