Meet Gulliver, the mascot of Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary.  Gulliver is the voice for PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) foals, a "by-product" of the production of hormone replacement therapy PREMARIN (PREgnant MARes urINE) and other products such as PremPRO and PremPHASE that are taken by millions of women every day. 

With the news that these drugs have been medically proven to cause cancer, blood clots and other harmful medical conditions in women, Wyeth cut the production of Premarin by 50%.  Obviously this is good news for the many people harmed by these drugs. 

However, what most people are not aware of is that the fallout from the production of these dangerous drugs is that there are a staggering 20,000 stallions, mares and foals without homes.  Some of them have been rescued by individuals, some by non-profit groups, but the majority are being sent to slaughter for human consumption. 

And, for those PMU mares who still have their jobs despite the cut in productions of these drugs, their days of suffering are far from over.  They live each day in cramped stalls too small to even lie down, they are denied free access to water, standing up to six months while they are pregnant in a"pee-line" with rubber collection cups hooked tightly around their urethra.  Once they have their foals, they are immediately impregnated and brought back to the "pee-line". 

"What you do speaks so loud, I cannot hear what you are saying" 

                                                           Ralph Waldo Emerson

Karen Pomroy is that rare individual who listened to her heart in founding the Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary at Jumpin' Jack Ranch in Green Valley, Arizona.  She has created a picturesque safe haven for unwanted PMU mares and foals, nestled in the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains.  Leaving behind a position in the corporate world,  Karen is making it her life's work to save PMU horses from their terrible fate while at the same time educating women about Premarin's deadly side effects and natural alternatives to Premarin. 

If the plight of these beautiful animals touches your heart as deeply as they have mine, there are many ways you can help, find out how.