The newly formed Green Valley Fine Arts Network has gone social with a Facebook page and its own website to showcase and sell its members' art rather than relying solely on the typical local art shows and social center venues. 

This network is a collective of artists who are masters in producing gallery quality creations in a wide spectrum of media. Their showcase includes unique works in clay, jewelry, sculpture, Raku, oil paint, watercolors, woodworking, furniture, textiles, photography, and organics.  Click through their gallery of inspired masterpieces and you'll discover a treasure trove of one of a kind art pieces.

As creative as their works of art is the network's company name, Third Act LLC.  It is a metaphor for life as a 3-act play.   In the first part of life we start to know/discover who we are. The second act is what we do with our lives, how we spend our time.   Finally in the third act we begin to make sense of the whole.  We understand the meaning and significance of the "play" we've been short, we finally get it! 

Retirement allows us to journey from the necessity of making a living to pursuing personal passions and fulfilling creative yearnings.  In Green Valley, Arizona we have an unique environment that has led to many of our retirees wanting to leave a legacy to this world. 

The Third Act is our "ah ha" moment.    Come and experience the joy of the members of the Green Valley Fine Art Network "ah ha" moments that are so magnificently captured in their artistic pursuits. 

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