The Spirit of Arizona Blog Series:                                     Discover The Great Southwest On Horseback

Horseback riding is as much a part of the American West as sunsets and saguaros. In fact, there is nothing finer than a horseback ride at sunset in the Sonoaran Desert and Saguaro National Park. 

In the Green Valley/Tucson area and throughout Southern Arizona you can saddle up at a guest ranch, resort, or public stable.  Horseback riding opportunities abound in the immediate area. 

Horsemanship lessons and wrangler-guided trips (with trail-side breakfast or picnic lunch) are available for both individuals and groups of all skill levels. For a special treat, look into specialty rides, such as sunrise, sunset, and moonlight rides to make your time on the desert trails especially memorable.  

Whether you choose a half-day jaunt, a longer trail ride, a group or solo journey, riding horseback is the real Western way to explore the high desert landscape.