The Spirit of Arizona Blog Series:                                  Hummingbirds Of Arizona

 I could watch these aerodynamic wonders for hours on end and am blessed to live in a scenic paradise that brings fifty or more of them every year to my mountaintop home nestled in the Tumacacori foothills. 

Arizona boasts 18 species of hummingbirds which is more than any other state except Texas.  You can see first hand at least 14 of the species in Ramsey Canyon, which is located within the upper San Pedro River Basin in southeastern Arizona and is renowned for its outstanding scenic beauty and the diversity of its plant and animal life. 

Hummingbirds are lovingly called the "air show of the avian world" by bird watchers  They can fly in any direction including backwards, and can hover in midair, their wings a blur to the human eye.  There is nothing more magical than watching these flying jewels in action, as beautifully captured in this video by 
Dave at A-Z Photo:

Hummingbird Facts:

  • Even though the hummingbird's brain is the size of a pea, it is comparatively larger than the human brain.
  • A hummingbird weighs no more than 3 paper clips.
  • Hummingbirds breathe more than four times per second while resting.
  • Hummingbird wings move between 50 beats per second to as high as 200 beats per second.
  • Hummingbirds are confirmed sugar addicts--drinking the nectar of as many as 3,000 flowers a day up to 75 % of their body weight.  You would have to eat 20,000 calories daily or 50 pounds of sugar to keep pace with just one hummingbird.

As I wrote in the launch blog for this series titled The Spirit Of Arizona, I want this to be an interactive process so please share your thoughts about a particular topic you would like to see covered.  In order to encourage your comments, I am going to come up with something creative to giveaway with each blog post in this series.

In keeping with this blog's topic, I will be giving away a copy of my most coveted book on hummingbirds, titled "Hummingbirds" by Melanie Votaw.  Hummingbirds is your passport to their amazing world.  Learn the secrets of their unusual feathers and wing structure, take a look at their typical work day and learn how to attract and photograph hummingbirds in your own backyard. 

To be eligible leave a comment about this blog--a winner will be drawn from all of the comments submitted.


        JUDI MONDAY, CRS              


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