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Humphrey's Peak is the highest natural point in Arizona, with an elevation of 12,637 feet.  For the outdoor enthusiast it offers a lung-searing, heart-pounding hike with panoramic vistas that shouldn't be missed. 

However, if you consider the 4.5 mile course to the top to be merely a means to the end, you'll definitely miss the many reasons to take on this steep and challenging mountain trail.  Along the way to the top you'll be treated to a thriving alpine forest streaked with rock slides and avalanche tracks as well as the scenic Hart Prairie stretched out at the base of the incline and a whole new perspective on the Grand Canyon that is easily visible on the horizon. 

As you near the upper reaches the trail becomes quite rocky.  Above the treeline you'll find yourself completely exposed to the whims of nature.  Here it may snow during any month of the year and a late summer monsoon storm can bring with it life threatening lightning strikes so be prepared to head for lower ground if a thunderstorm is brewing. 

But if you've ever wanted to experience standing on top of the world, here's a mountain peak in your own backyard that will give you an idea of how it might feel.  You can hike the Humphrey's Trail any time of the year, but you will need a back country permit if you are the die-hard type that wants to tackle it during the winter months. 

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