The Spirit of Arizona Blog Series:                                     Kitt Peak National Observatory

Imagine being able to spend a night with the stars--real ones not the Hollywood type.  At the Kitt Peak National Observatory you can do exactly that with their Nightly Observing Program

The world's largest collection of optical telescopes is located high above the Sonoran Desert under the most remarkable night skies you will ever experience. Kitt Peak, on the Tohono O'odham Reservation, is home to twenty-four optical and two radio telescopes representing eight astronomical research institutions. 

Kitt Peak is open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. except on New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  There are three guided tours offered daily. 

When you plan your trip to the Kitt Peak National Observatory, keep in mind that it is located at an elevation of 6,875 feet above sea level.  Mountain temperatures vary from the desert floor as much as 15 to 20 degrees and, it is often windy, so dress warmly for your star filled adventure.

As I wrote in the launch blog for this series titled The Spirit Of Arizona, I want this to be an interactive process so please share your thoughts about a particular topic you would like to see covered.  In order to encourage your comments, I am going to come up with something creative to giveaway with each blog post in this series.

In keeping with this blog's topic, I will be making a $50 donation to the Telescope Fund Drive in the winner's name.  The observatory is raising $126,000 to replace a telescope that has been in operation since 1996 at the very start of its public stargazing program.  It has been rebuilt twice and simply has outlived its useful life.  

To be eligible, leave a comment about this blog--a winner will be drawn from all of the comments submitted.

      JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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