It can be very insulting for a Seller to receive a ridiculously low offer but before you dismiss it out of hand consider this...I had an offer, which was $75,000 less than the Seller was willing to accept, that became a win-win for both the Buyer and the Seller. 

Put Your Emotions Aside...

Don't get so hung up on the ridiculous offer that you fail to realize that any offer means there is someone out there interested in your home.  Remember, an interested Buyer, even one with a less than desirable offer, is a great starting point to getting it sold! 

I know it is hard not to react when you have an offer on the table that is $100,000 less than your asking price, especially when it comes in on a home that is priced at $275,000.  Trust me, it isn't easy for a listing agent to present such an offer.  Please don't shoot the messenger and remember we are REQUIRED to present all offers no matter how absurd. 

My Sellers reacted quite strongly but fortunately took my advice to sleep on it and consider coming back to the Buyers with an offer that was consistent with the market comparables (comps) for their home.  The next day I presented an offer to the Buyers' agent, supported by the comps, that was promptly accepted. 

How Low Will You Go...

Due to all the short sales and foreclosures on the market I believe many Buyers think that any home with a For Sale sign in front can be had for a bargain basement price.  So they are playing this game that I like to call--how low will you go? 

A reasonable counter offer will separate the serious Buyers from those that are just out for the deal of the century.  You'll never know if you have the former or the latter unless you play the game with them. I can say this...there is a very happy Seller in Green Valley, Arizona who, after a restless night, decided to play and was amply rewarded with a SOLD sign in their front yard.

          JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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