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Navajo National Monument




Navajo National Monument features three of the most intact cliff dwellings of the ancestral people (Hisatsinom).  The Navajo people who live here today call these ancient ones, Anasazi.  The dwellings are nestled in the cliffs high on the Shonto plateau, overlooking the Tsegi Canyon system in the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.  

These ruins are villages left behind in 1300 by prehistoric pueblo Indians--the Kayenta Anazi.  Built and occupied for only 50 years, the ruins represent the final settlement farmers who adapted to the area's scarce rainfall to grow crops, build houses and raise families, then mysteriously moved on. 

As you'll see by the video below, the half day round trip hike with a Ranger to this well preserved village from the 13th century is both scenic and educational. 

The Navajo National Monument, located west of Kayenta, Arizona features a visitor center with a museum, two short self-guided mesa top trails. two small campgrounds and a picnic area.  Rangers guide visitors on free tours of the Keet Seel (Kitsʼiil) and Betatakin (Bitátʼahkin) cliff dwellings. The Inscription House site (Tsʼah Biiʼ Kin), further west, is currently closed to public access.

Before planning your visit to the monument, check here for operating hours and seasons.

              JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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