I realize this isn't a great market for Sellers but the good news is that homes are selling when they are priced right for the market and the Seller is clear on their motives for selling as well as their bottom line.  This past week I had THREE of my high-end (all in the $325,000-$400,000 price range) listings go under contract. 

The Sellers in all 3 cases paid attention to the market comps, competitively priced their homes, and didn't hesitate to make the deals work, all the while keeping in mind what they needed from the transaction.  Most importantly, they all walked away feeling like WINNERS!

A good negotiation is one where both parties walk away feeling like they've "won".  "Won" can mean different things to different Sellers-- to one Seller it may mean getting rid of a home--period.  To another it means getting that magic number that they have in their head, or getting enough so they can move on to the house they really want.  

My newly "under contract" Sellers represent all three of these instances.   One was an estate sale that had become an albatros around the heirs' neck, and listing #2 was a Seller who got their magic number after recently turning down an offer that was $5,000 less than their very firm "bottom line".   The third Seller had their house on the market only a few weeks, got a very fair offer that was above market comps and accepted it, even though they could have probably held out for more (in fact, may still have a back-up offer coming in this next week), because it meant they could make an offer on the house they really wanted. 

Thinking about selling?  Before you list your house be clear on your motives and what you want from the sale.  There is a cliché when it comes to negotiations that is true. Losers figure out what they want during the negotiation while winners do it before the negotiations ever start. Be a "winner" with a successful win/win  or risk serious remorse with a sale that leaves you feeling like a loser. 

If you are thinking about selling your Green Valley, AZ house give me a call and I will help you get to "won" with the sale of your home. 



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