This morning I could barely tear myself away from the TV long enough to hold the Open Houses I had scheduled.   Last night I crawled into bed hours later than I normally would as images of the rescues splashed across the screen and more importantly, were seared into my heart and soul.

The 34th MinerThey are a testament to the indomitable human spirit and a reminder that all things are possible when we believe.  Each time the aptly named Phoenix (spelled on the rescue capsule as fenix) rises to the earth's surface is a miracle beyond comprehension as men who had spent 69 days buried alive set foot above ground to be greeted by the loved ones they must have wondered if they would ever see again let alone touch and hold in their arms. 

The men who step from the capsule are not the same people who entered that mine 69 days ago for what they thought would be a normal workday.   We watched transfixed as the man who filled the role of spiritual leader for this remarkable group hugged his wife and then kneeled on the ground in silent prayer.  Transformed to the very essence of his being…he did not let the experience defeat him but rather shape him.   Amazingly, the day he entered that mine more than 2 months ago was going to be his last as he was starting a well earned retirement the next day.

Many of the rescued miners have referenced the 34th miner who was with them throughout this unimaginable ordeal.  We’ve heard how this experience has changed them in ways we cannot not see or touch…at a deep spiritual level.    Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes they have been transformed in ways we too should aspire to experience.  

There is so much to be gleaned from this daring rescue mission, including

  • Proof of the fact there is a power higher than ourselves who is with us even in our darkest hour…if we are willing to embrace that 34th Miner then we can overcome whatever obstacles lie before us;
  • Never underestimate the unbeatable power of a world coming together for a common cause;
  • BELIEVE…and all things are possible

I am convinced this unfolding event will serve us well as we continue to find our way through the worst economic times since the depression.   Like the Miners who are rising from the darkness into the light so shall our great country.   The next time you are feeling down or defeated by what is taking place around us, remember the brave 33 men who have been tested as few of us ever will be and how they managed to transcend it in a powerful and deeply meaningful way.