I was born and raised in California and for the first 50 years of my life called it home.  Never dreaming that a land just one state away would capture my heart with its range of places, people, and things to see and do as vast as the Grand Canyon. 

In 1993, when my two sons were 9 and 11, we, and my youngest brother, embarked on a journey that began at the Arizona/Mexico border and continued across the entire state of Arizona.  We made several stops along the way, including the Painted Desert, Sedona and a memorable train ride to the Grand Canyon where my sons' eyes became as round as saucers when 3 masked men brought it to a rather unexpected and thoroughly entertaining stop. 

It was truly amazing to experience the diversity of Arizona with the convertible top down, ranging  from the arid desert to the unfathomable Grand Canyon, to the remarkable rock formations in Sedona, to the lush, and snow covered peaks in Flagstaff.  And, of course, the blazing Southwest sunsets that splash gorgeous shades of orange and red across the endless bright blue skies.  Not to mention, the fierce Monsoon storms that come seemingly out of nowhere--like the one that caught us with the top down just North of Sedona.  

That trip was one that I treasure to this day, and which, unknown to me, planted a seed that grew into a burning desire to make Arizona my home.  Funny about the twists and turns of life, I always imagined it would be in Sedona. Never once thinking that I would one day be living in the mountaintop home of my dreams, on a magnificent 4 acre lot with 360-degree views nestled in the Tumaccori foothills of the quaint artistic community of Tubac, Arizona.  Let alone with a successful real estate business in Green Valley, AZ.  

On a regular basis I have the pleasure of working with clients who are thinking about moving from another state to the Green Valley, AZ area.  Each time I am reminded of that fateful trip, realizing that there is so much more than simply buying a home that ultimately draws a person to a particular area.

Knowing this has inspired me to begin a blog series entitled "The Spirit of Arizona" in an effort to share the rich history, stunning beauty, diverse activities, and the range of people and things to see and do in this unique state that I love.  While in no way am I am expert on Arizona, the perspective I will bring is from a person who fell hard for the magical spirit of this great state. 

There is definitely something about this area that spoke to the deepest regions of me.  I can't say for sure whether it was the wide open spaces, lush desert (an oxymoron you may think, but have you experienced how one big Monsoon storm can change arid to green overnight?) magnificent mountain ranges, stunning views, vast blue skies, clean air, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, starry nights or seeing the milky way for the first time in as long as I can remember or the healing power of the Southwest sun filled days.   It called to me and I have never looked back since making the move 5 years ago. 

I will continue to write my Real Estate focused blogs as well but am looking forward to exploring and learning more about this great state, and sharing those insights with you.  I want this to be an interactive series so please feel free to comment or share your thoughts about a particular item you would like to see covered. 

To encourage your comments on this Blog, I am giving away a free copy of one of my favorite books about Arizona, "Weird Arizona: Your Travel Guild to Arizona's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets".  To be eligible you will need to leave a comment about the blog--a winner will be drawn from all of the comments submitted. 

         JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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