The Spirit of Arizona Blog Series:                                     Tombstone, Arizona

The scrappy town of Tombstone, known as "The Town Too Tough To Die", is one of the best preserved representations of our 1880 western heritage with its original buildings from that era, not to mention the many artifacts that can be found throughout the area's museums.  A visit to this Historical American Landmark, is a step back into time. 

Walking the dusty streets you'll follow in the footsteps of Western legends like Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Virgil, Johnny Ringo and Ike Clanton who roamed them more than 130 years ago.  In fact, during your visit you will mingle with their feisty spirits embodied in the performers who re-enact the gun battle that put Tombstone on the map. 

Tombstone was founded in 1877 by a prospector named Ed Schieffelin.  Ed was staying at what was then called Camp Huachuca (wa-chu-ka) as part of a scouting exhibition against the Chiricahua (chir-i-cow-uh) Apaches.  During his time there he would venture out into the wilderness "looking for rocks", ignoring the warnings from the other soldiers in the camp, who said the only rock he would find would be his tombstone.  He did eventually find his stone and it was silver.  He named his first mine The Tombstone after the warnings he had received from the soldiers.

You'll want to make a day of your trip to Tombstone and perhaps a night of it as well.   There is plenty to see and do in this authentic and wild Western town that is still home to about 1,500 residents who believe in preserving the history and rich heritage of the "Wildest Town in the West", and a draw for visitors from all over the world.  From old time photo studios to gunfights, horse-drawn carriage rides, tours of historic sites, museums and more.  Tombstone celebrates its colorful history throughout the year with many special events that bring the town and its varied history to life.

        JUDI MONDAY, CRS         


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