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3 Tips For Selling Your House Faster

The number one rule for selling a home faster is to make your first impression your best impression. Because the greatest number of buyers visit a home within the first 10 days, it's listed as the optimal time to capture your best offer.

Knowing this, here are 3 great tips: 

Price it right: Don't make the mistake of pricing your home too high, only to have to lower the price later. In a seller's market, a lower price attracts multiple buyers that can drive the final sales price higher. Price too high, and you'll end up with zero offers.

Increase your curb appeal: To tap that initial first glance of love for the right buyer, focus on what you can do to make a great first impression as they drive up. A well-manicured lawn, fresh paint, a clean driveway, a debris-free roof, and a new front door together can maximize your curb appeal.

Clean, clear, and de-clutter: A spotless home is hard to achieve when you're living in it with an active family. But it also can put your place at the top of a buyer's list. Even if you have to put things away in a storage unit, less stuff makes your place look bigger and clears out any religious or political items. Do this to help buyers envision your home as theirs.

Buying A Rental Property? You'll Need This Tip

Buying A Rental Property?
One of the best things you can do when you buy a rental property is to learn from the mistakes of others and understand what really maximizes your rental property income.

The tip: A better rental price attracts better tenants. Owners tend to push rental prices higher to maximize their investment. But in the long run, trying to get the highest price for your rental could backfire. 

Successful landlords have learned to price on the lower end of current rental prices. The rationale: The larger pool of applicants will allow you to choose a better tenant, one that will stay longer, creating more stable income for you. Remember, if you are constantly having to re-rent a property, vacancy months will turn a higher rent into a lower return on your investment over time.Are you considering refinancing into a mortgage with a lower interest rate because it will reduce your monthly payment by $100 or more? You may save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.
However, you need to do this one exercise before you refinance: You need to factor in how many payments are left on your current home loan. If you don't, a new loan with a lower interest rate might actually cost you more. 
To double-check if you'll actually save money, total your payments left on your current mortgage, then compare this against your new total payments. Keep in mind that this comparison assumes you'll stay in a home for 30 years. For those who plan to stay in their homes, this is an important calculation and one many people forget.

The Best Spring Home Improvement Investment You'll Ever Make

Best Spring Home Improvement

Paint your house. It's the single best investment you can make, and spring can be a great time for a fresh coat. You also might get a better price before painters start to get busy again.
Real estate journalist and author Tom Kelly shares this story: "I knew a cheap guy who was so cheap, he painted his own house every spring. Not the entire house, just one side, and it always looked great. And he took extra care with the side facing the street. Paint, it's the best bang for the buck you can get."

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